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WRITER: Judith O’Brien
PENCILS: Mike Mayhew
Marvel’s bold entry into Young Adult fiction puts a novel twist on Ultimate Spider-Man by shining the spotlight on Peter Parker’s girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson! Written by the award-winning romance and young adult novelist Judith O’Brien, this traditional prose novel (with beautiful spot/chapter illustrations by artist Mike Mayhew) is a high school romance updated for today’s teens, featuring O’Brien’s trademark “girl-power” flair. The new girl at Midtown High, Mary Jane Watson juggles and struggles with her parents’ divorce, her love of ballet, and her burgeoning new bond with class nerd Peter Parker – who’s about to undergo a stunning transformation of his own. A story about first love and self-acceptance, Mary Jane chronicles one girl’s struggle to trust herself and gather the courage to go after what – and who – she truly wants.

PAGES: 216
PRICE: 14.99
IN STORES: July 2, 2003

FORMAT: Hardcover

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